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party how to

Booking  Convo

1. Set up a Private Facebook Group about

    3-4 days out 

2. Title the group whatever you would like.        ex. _____'s Mary Kay

3. Set the Cover Photo

4. Make the first post in the group

5. Schedule the other 2 posts. One for the        day before and the other for the day of.

6. Schedule a reminder post 30 minutes             before EX. see you in 30 min! 

7. Schedule a post of the closing set sheet for       one hour after the start of the party

8. Coach your hostess or consultant 

9. Do the Live Demonstration

10. Follow Up in Messenger 

Party Overview

Legal Research and Writing

Hey (insert name)! I just started doing Mary Kay and wanted to invite you to my virtual kickoff . Do you have a Mary Kay girl you buy from now? If so, continue to buy from her but if not, then can I add you to it?

Yea, sure you can add me. 

Thank you so much! I will add you in, there will be posts for free products make sure you answer the questions, the live demonstration is Date and time! I hope you can be on!

Yeah, I will try! Just remind me.

Girl Texting

Eye Makeup Remover

Cleansers C/O and N/D

Charcoal Mask

Satin lips

Microderm and pore minimizer

Day cream c/o and n/d

Night cream c/o and n/d

Eye cream 3D


Cc cream

Undereye corrector

All Over Powder Brush

Translucent powder


Liquid Eyeshadow

Brow tint



Finishing spray

Products Needed

Party Cover Photos

cover photo 2.jpg
cover photo 1.jpg
photo 3.jpg
photo 5.jpg
photo 9.jpg
photo 8.jpg

Interaction Posts


Hey Everyone!


Welcome to this virtual kickoff for *insert consultant or hostess name*!


Here’s how it works, super fun and super simple!


✨ Comment on each post to be entered to win the product attached to that post 


✨ Only 1 post coming per day! (5 total posts = 5 products given away, separate drawings for each!) 


✨ MOST IMPORTANTLY join us live Sunday at 8pm in here! 

- on time drawing for just showing up!

- giveaways throughout! 

- live demonstration of the product! 


We would normally do this in person but we will gather here instead! Thank you for being a part of this page!


Comment your favorite thing about *hostess/new consultant name* to let me know you’ve read this and to be entered to win a free mascara!




Tomorrow we go LIVE at 8!


Are you excited?! I know I am! I know *HOSTESS/CONSULTANT* is! 


Comment your answer below to be entered to win a free charcoal mask!





                POST 2 PHOTO                                                     POST 3 PHOTO



Tonight at 8pm, we go live! 


See you then! Grab a piece of paper, get comfy and unwind! 


Remember there’s a drawing for being on time!


To be entered to win a free eyeshadow, tell me what would you LOVE to learn?!


how to facial

3D set - 3 main jobs with 3 main ingredients Defends your skin Delays Signs of Aging and Delivers age fighting benefits through the 3 main ingredients. The benefits are in every step of the 3d set. it is full of antioxidants which help put your skin into balance.


Cleanser - the normal to dry is cream based and the combo oily is gel based they both break down dirt and oil without stripping the skin. 4 main jobs: cleanse, mildly exfoliate, tone and brighten


Charcoal Mask- detoxes and draws out impurities. Its a wipe off mask not a dry mask. When it dries you will see dark spots where the oil is being pulled out and then if its bright white its an active break out coming to a head While the mask is on


Satin lips scrub - shea butter and sugar scrub (wipe off lips with cleansing cloth) Satin lips balm - shea butter, jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil


Microderm Scrub - back of hand its a fine scrub that removes dead skin and cleans out your pores the beads are fine and round and gently buff off skin as opposed to other scrubs that are too large and can cut and irritate your skin. Use it in the shower about once a week. (wipe off and let them feel)


Pore minimizer - (on back of hand) soothes the skin and closes the pore shut, clinically proven to reduce pore size Take off the mask


Day cream - has spf 30 and provides 12 hours of moisture


Night cream ( on back of hand) - collagen enhancers and 12 hours of moisture


3d eye cream - eyes can't produce their own moisture, helps with darkness, fine lines, puffiness and wrinkles



(Pause) Ask: How does your face feel? What was your favorite part about the skin care? (everyone answers)



Review the skin care “Okay, so i know that was a lot but let me tell you how I remembered how to use these when I started, I view them like my friends and family. The 3d set is like my immediate family i see them in the morning when I wakeup and at night when I go to bed. My microderm is like my church family, I see them on sundays and if i want to go on wednesdays i see them then too. Charcoal mask is like my friends, sometimes I see them 2-3 times week, or sometimes I see them once a week or once a month, sometimes I call them when I need them, and sometimes I forget about them and am like oh! I need to call them. And lastly the satin lips, is the family that comes around when they want something, so you can use it whenever you want.”



Ask for Bookings here and prep for makeup



Primer - helps makeup go on even, fills in cracks creases and crevices and helps your makeup stay put


Cc cream- color corrective foundation, spf 15 in it, heat activated and can be applied with your fingers, same shade summer and winter even out your skin for a light perfect coverage


Undereye corrector - aka sleep in a bottle, peach undertones that help cancel out blues and purples


All Over Powder Brush - use to apply translucent powder and bronzer


Translucent powder - clear powder that helps control shine, hold your makeup in place and lock down the liquids so they don't run or so your mascara doesn't end up under your eyes


Bronzer - use in place of blush to give a little glow


Liquid Eyeshadow - (put on finger) tap it into the lid to get the desired look


Brow tint - volumizing fibers that attach to the hair to fill them in and help them look natural


Mascara - (apply using disposable wands)


Lipstick - apply by scraping off the top, applicators or by sanitizing with brush cleaner and wiping down the lipsticks


Finishing spray - sets your makeup and melts it all together, same company that makes urban decay all nighter Finishing spray means we are finished.

closing in sets

IMG_8595 (2) copy.jpg


Okay so everything in Mary Kay is ala carte so you can buy as you want however I do have some sets for you that I offer because you took the time to meet me.


Set 1: brush your teeth set: cleanser and day cream lasts about 4-6 months $56


Set 2: miracle set: cleanser, day cream, night cream and eye cream save you $14 and you get one item 50% off $110


Set 3: The girl who loves everything: Cleanser, day cream, night cream, and eye cream, microderm and pore minimizer, satin lips scrub and satin lips balm, and a foundation of your choice. Normally thats $225 but I give it to you for $195 with a $30 shopping spree built in.

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